Sunday, March 4, 2012

Button up/button down blouses

SO, all of us ladies know that those translucent, colourful, buttoned shirts are a staple for this upcoming Spring/Summer, and the perfect thing about them is that there are so many colours to chose from.  These blouses can be worn in so many different ways that it's insane!  I personally think that they are a staple for every woman's closet.  They are perfect if you are travelling and want to pack light because of how versatile they are.  I am going to post a YouTube video on the different ways that you can wear a button up/button down  (whichever way you say it!) blouse just so that you all can know how to style it.

I have a few of them, but my favorite one is definitely one that I picked up in New York at the Joe Fresh store. I have the shirt in pink.  If you have not gone into a Joe Fresh store in your life, you are missing out!  In Canada, they are located inside Loblaws and they also have some stand alone stores.  

Joe Fresh is a Canadian company that sells high-fashion, fast fashion clothing.  The clothes they sell are so unique.  Although they sell similar styles as other high-fashion stores, have their own unique spin on it.  I should post an outfit of the day with a pair of jeans that I bought from there.

Anyway, they have these amazing silk shirts which are those button up/button down blouses that are in style right now.  Here is a picture of the Joe Fresh Silk Shirt below:

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