Friday, March 2, 2012

Pupa Cosmetics Lip Gloss - My New Love!

I recently went into my local drugstore and found a sale on a brand that I had never heard of in the past.  The brand was called Pupa Milano.  They did not have a lot of product left in stock, however, I was mainly interested in the lip products since I am definitely a lip junkie.  I found two lip glosses that I wanted to try out and I purchased them:

Pupa Milano Lip Perfection Natural Shine Colore Lumination High Shile Colour Lip Gloss in 02 and 03

I was skeptical about purchasing the product as I had never heard the name, but I am so glad that I purchased them!  The lip gloss is sheer and gives the look of naturally, beautifully pigmented lips!  I tried the products with my Rimmel Eastend Snob lip liner and they both looked amazing with it!

I suggest that you all try out this lip gloss if you can get a hand on it.  I have researched the brand a little more and I have found out that their other products are really good as well! The lip gloss retails for $20.00, but I was able to get a hold of them for $10.00 each because they were on sale.

Here are some pictures and swatches on my skin.  I have an olive skin tone and this is how the lip gloss swatches on me.  Sorry for the quality of my camera,  beauty lovers! This is what I have until I buy a better one.  The darker colour is the 03 and the lighter one is the 02.  

If you want to view their website, click here

If you have tried more products from them, please let me know how you feel about them.  If you see this post and try them out, please leave your comments and pictures below! I would love to see how my review helped you all. 

Love you all!


Your Favorite - Nisha

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