Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shopping - An Emotional Rehab

Today I am sitting here and kind of tired, bored and sick.  I don't feel like I am at my highest point, and all I can think of is shopping.  I realize that most of us shopaholics turn to shopping as our emotional rehabilitation.  Although  I am not sure if that is something positive.  I mean, should burning a hole in our pockets really make us feel better?

Many of you read my blog and I would LOVE IT if you commented and let me know how you deal with being down.  

Shopaholics, I think it is time to make a change!  Try going to the gym, or even out on a walk.  Watch a good movie, or listen to good music.  DON'T burn a hole in your pocket to make you feel better because when you see that credit card bill, you will just end up feeling the same!

That's my shopaholic advice for now...until next time



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