Thursday, May 10, 2012

Makeup tips for when you are sick

How do you ladies wear makeup when you are under the weather? I like to have a more natural look, as if I am not wearing any makeup at all!

A hint of concealer and some mascara with a light gloss or chapstick usually does the trick!

This also works for a casual day out, or when you don't want to look caked in front of that special someone!

I would recommend using a liquid concealer as it blends well with the skin.  However, if your bags are bad (like mine), then maybe you prefer a cream.  

Do not overdo the mascara! It is not meant to be worn as a statement in this look, it is simply meant to open up your eyes and make you look more awake.

The lip gloss should be clear or very light, maybe something close to your actual lip colour.  Let it be sheer so that it does not look like too much!  Once again, the idea is to look natural, not made up.  Chapstick also works to keep your lips from looking dehydrated!

This low-maintenance makeup look will let you look awake and happy even if you are sick on the inside!!



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