Sunday, June 24, 2012

Who wears Short Shorts?...Or Skirts...

Lets face it, it is Summer and we are all getting baked outside, at least here in Toronto we are.  We all want to pull out our favorite shorts and skirts, but sometimes these might seem too short and inappropriate for various occasions.

So, what's the key to find the right bottom?  Read below to know!

For work:  

For work, we want to follow the golden rule.  Put your arms straight down your sides and make sure the shorts or the skirt end at the longest fingertip.  If you have short arms, use the three finger rule!  The shorts or skirt should be no shorter than the width of three fingers put together (usually your ring finger, middle finger and index finger).

Make sure that the material is work appropriate as well!  We do not want to be wearing jean shorts to work even on casual day!  

For play:

The best part about fashion is that things can be dressed up and dressed down.  If you have a pair or shorts that you wear on casual day to work, chances are that you can wear them on a regular day as well!  All you need to do is dress them down.  Pair them with a more casual looking top for a day out at the mall or the park.  For a lunch date, it may be appropriate to wear the outfit just as you would at work!

Any type of shorts and skirts are appropriate for play, but we have to make sure that we do not end up looking like hoochie mama!  Try to make sure that the shorts or skirts are three to four finger widths below your bottom!  Being checked out is awesome, but we want to make sure that it is not for the wrong reasons, we don't want the goodies hanging out!

Here are some other rules:

When you find a pair of shorts, sit in them or squat in them.  You want to see how far they will ride up and how comfortable they will feel.  Wearing a pair of shorts that show your goodies when you sit down at work will definitely be considered inappropriate regardless of how they look when you are standing.

Take a look at how they flatter you.  Lets be honest girls, we like clothing that flatters our behind! However, too much attention can be just as unflattering as no attention over there.  Be aware of your body and your curves.  If you have a very obvious behind, try to get clothes that make it look a little less obvious.  If you do not have much of one, get something that give you some more shape while still looking classy.

Overall, if you follow these tips, I am sure you will be able to find a pair of shorts that you love!!



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