Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tried and Tested: To BB or not to BB? BB Cream Reviews

Hi guys! So we are ALL aware of the growing trend of BB creams over the last year or so.  We are also aware that there are North American versions created by very popular North American companies! BB Creams are not as heavy as foundation, yet they are supposed to give a little more coverage than your tinted moisturizer.  They also claim to even out your skin tone (blur out imperfections).   When using BB Cream, only a pea size amount is needed (divided between the forehead and two cheeks).

 I have tried a few of them and here are my inputs on my favorite and not so favorite.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

Alright, so I love this BB Cream in terms of the colour match and the SPF protection (the SPF is 30).  However, there are a few things that I DO NOT like about this at all!  It is very sheer (which BB Creams are supposed to be right?!), therefore, if you have a lot of hyper pigmentation, it is not the way to go.   I did not mind how sheer it was as I barely wear foundation.  Therefore, any coverage is coverage for me!

The product seems like it is matte, but it then becomes very oily.  In fact, I have dry skin and I broke out with this! I was not sure if the cream was the problem, however, I noticed the same problem every single time I used it.  I noticed that it started to look dewy even after I set it with powder (which you do not need to do since it is supposed to be a low maintenance cream!)

Verdict:  Do not buy it if you have too much hyper pigmentation OR acne prone skin

Smashbox Camera Redy BB Cream

I am IN LOVE with this product!  The colour was matched to my Summer tan and it is sheer enough for me to blend it out and use it in the Winter as well (as is the Maybelline one).  The cream has an SPF of 35, which is always a bonus as you do not need to put on sunscreen.  The coverage to me feels like a light to medium coverage foundation.  Although it did not cover the scar on my forehead, it did take away all of the hyper pigmentation on my face without the use of any other product.  

Overall, the product stays matte.  I have had no problems with breakouts at all!  It moisturizes my skin while staying matte for hours and making me look flawless!

Verdict:  BUY as it is overall a GREAT product!!

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