Friday, October 5, 2012

Baby and Beauty?!

I am sitting here at my computer after a long day.  I just removed my makeup (we all know that removing makeup EVERY night is a MUST right?!).  Anyway, I misplaced my favorite makeup remover (Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover) and I needed a quick alternative.

A few months ago, I had asked some of my friends on Facebook about their makeup removal techniques.  People gave me many answers from Lancome to L'Oreal to Kehl's.  Personally, I use the Balea cleansing cloths or the Sephora makeup remover, however, I wanted to talk about a cheaper and softer alternative.

My cheaper and less harsh alternative is baby products!  Whether it is baby oil or baby shampoo, they both work wonders!!  Baby oil is an effective way to remove most makeup on your face, including the hard to remove, waterproof, makeup.  However, it does leave some residue.  Not to mention the fact that it may NOT be practical for oily eyes.

On the other hand, we have baby shampoo.  I am not sure if all of them are tearless, but the one I use is!  It works miracles and it is definitely safe for oily lids.  The trick in this case is to wet your eye lids, put a small amount of shampoo onto a makeup pad with water and to rub it on your eyelid.  Wash it off with water.  It actually works miracles and it can be used on your lashes as well!! Did I mention that it helps wash out the bacteria from your eye which, ultimately, prevents many infections?!  Try is out my fellow makeup lovers!!

Here is ANOTHER tip:

Did you know that baby powder can be used as dry shampoo?!

Until next time!

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