Thursday, November 22, 2012


As some of you may know, I went to IMATS in Toronto this past Saturday (Novermber 17th).  The experience was quite unique!  I have heard about the IMATS through many bloggers and vloggers on YouTube and they all have such great things to say.  

The girl who I had asked to take my picture was so cute! She was intimidated by my camera and did not zoom in.  I zoomed in for her and got her to take a second one.  Regardless, the picture looked great.

I wanted to wear an outfit that really represented my style. 

Floral jeans - American Eagle
Top - H & M
Moustache Necklace - Aldo
Watch - DKNY (from Sears)
Bracelets - H & M
Black Flats- Costa Blanca

 A VERY talented, not to mention FRIENDLY makeup artist!  Sheila Strassburg - Master Stylist.  You should all check her out!  The Queen Maker!

The Vasanti girls! No clue what my hair is doing in this picture!!
 Angela - One of the Velour Lashes girls and an old classmate!  These chicks are amazing! 

There is SO MUCH TALENT at this show!  And so much product! Here are some of the random shots that I have taken!


Check out my YouTube video to see the products given away!


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