Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Funday Tip of the Day! BRIGHT lips

Hi Guys!

I wake up EVERY SINGLE Monday morning tired, exhausted, and not in the mood to do my makeup!  What I find to be the easiest is just throwing on some concealer, mascara, a slight amount of blush, setting powder and a POP of lipstick!

People may not always realize it but a look can be complete without eye shadow  but a look can never be complete without a finished lip!

For this upcoming fall, turn to your reds, your berries, and the vampy colours carried on from the fall.  At the same time, it really takes ANY nice, bright lip colour that you like to BRIGHTEN up your Mondays!

What are your favorites?  let me know below...I should do a video or blog post on some of mine!!


your favorite,


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