Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Funday tip of the day!

Happy Monday everyone!

As I sit here today, I am thinking about how terrible my hair looks (yes, even beauty bloggers and vloggers have bad hair days)!!

To avoid a Monday morning hair disaster...

1) Style your hair the night before.  Many of us wear our hair wavy or straight and open or in a ponytail while going to work or running our Monday errands.  Make your lazy Sunday LESS lazy by straightening or curling it the night before.  Many time, second day curls tend to look better and more natural anyway!

2)  Do a top bun/sock bun.  If you REALLY do not have time on your lazy Sunday, then just do a top bun.  This bun is simple, fast, and very fashion forward!  You definitely can't go wrong!

The point is to make our Monday mornings easy...DON'T let your ruined hair ruin your morning!


your favorite,



  1. Great tips!!
    Now following you!!


  2. I agree with styling your hair the night before. I always sleep on curlers overnight to avoid heat damage in the morning!


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