Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nair Soft Touch Quick & Easy Wax Strips

Lets face it girls--we are HAIRY! Most of us have facial hair!!  Unless we go to the Asian salons or the Indian ones, we are paying a pretty penny to get that hair removed and I am sick of it.  Recently, I made a trip to the drugstore and picked up these Nair Soft Touch Quick & Easy Wax Strips.  I don't always have time to go to the salon and I wanted to find a faster alternative to hair removal.

The box comes with ten small strips and seven medium strips (I will refer to these as whole strips), each contain wax in the middle and cam be pulled apart to create two strips.

To Use: Put the whole strip between your hands and rub your hands back and forth to create heat.  The heat will warm up the wax and the strips will be easier to use.  

Pull the whole strip apart.  .

Apply the strip on your face and press it down in the direction that your hair is growing (i.e is your hair is growing downwards, press downwards).

Pull the strip in the opposite direction of hair grown (if you pressed downwards, pull upwards).

The Verdict:  The strips worked really well! I used two whole strips on both sides and one whole strip for my upper lip.  For someone who is very hairy, I expected to use all seven whole strips on my face!

I am definitely going to stick to these instead of heading to a salon.  One box costs $15.00 at the max and that gives me two uses for my cheeks and ten uses for my upper lip.  This is worth it in comparison to a salon.

Tip:  If you have a warm source of heat, place the whole strip on top to melt the wax faster.  Make sure that it is not a very hot surface, you need a surface that is slightly warm.  If you are under age, consult with your parents first.

The packaging as well as the sizes of the strips are in the pictures below:

*the pictures are the property of Nisha Sawhney.  If you chose to use these pictures, please leave a photo credit for Nisha Sawhney and a link to this website*

Disclaimer: This product was not sponsored.  Please read instructions on the box before using the product if you have any doubts.  My tip is something that has worked for me, I used my fireplace mantel which was not very hot.  If you have any doubts,  are afraid of burning yourself or damaging your skin, please follow the instructions on the box instead.

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