Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Party, Night out, clubbing look

I really wanted to create a look that embodied while being something sexy and universal for most skin types.  This is what I came up with.  I hope you guys like it!  I definitely feel that this look could be worn at any point in the year and it is perfect for a night out.

YouTube Tutorial:

See you in my next post

Your favorite,


  1. Hi Nisha
    I'm really enjoying watching your you tube video your very beautiful and bubbly and energetic!
    I'm not hot on setting up stuff so I've not been able to comment on you tube only like and subscribe!

    Being Indian as well I try to find bloggers who are ethnic too as its useful to see how products work on varied skin tones. Please could you hold the products you use up to the camera for longer and show the product inside? I find it a lot easier catch then to catch the brands and shade names and its more enjoyable to watch.


    Ps I'm Nisha too (uk)

    1. Hey u! I am trying to get better on swatches. In fact, it may be easier for me to just post them here. Can u check out my new video and let me know if its any better? LOVE the fact that you are also Nisha haha wohoo Nisha represent!!!


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