Sunday, April 14, 2013

Makeup For Ever event at Yorkdale Mall

I was at the mall on Saturday and  I did not have my makeup done.  I try to look good when I go anywhere on a weekend, however, I had a late night.  I had slept with my makeup on and when I woke up, I was late for work and I ran out! That is terrible for the skin and I do not recommend that any of you do that!

After work, I went shopping and I noticed a Makeup For Ever booth in the mall.  They were promoting their new foundation as well as their brand overall.  

Shoppers had the opportunity to get a lip consultation or a foundation match.  The company was also accepting appointments to teach people how to use products from their own everyday makeup bag.  I asked the makeup artist what the purpose of that was and she explained that Makeup For Ever is all about empowering women.   I love Makeup For Ever as a brand but now I love them even more!  Being a beauty blogger, I also believe in empowering others.

I had them match my foundation (its 4am, I will put the name of the foundation and the colour down below tomorrow).  The great thing about this powder foundation is that it is completely buildable.  I have dry skin, therefore, she applied a moisturizer and an illuminating primer under the foundation.  I hate applying primers and I would have never thought to apply primer under a powder!  The makeup artist was also nice enough to conceal my under eyes as I looked very tired!

After the quick consultation, they wrote everything down on a card.  They also gave me a coupon for a free primer sample from Sephora.

Overall,  I was impressed with the foundation.  She had applied a very sheer layer on my skin, however, it evened out my skin. 

If you are at Yorkdale on April 14, check them out!!

Here are pictures! Keep in mind that I have the bare minimum on in terms of makeup.


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