Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Outfit of the Day

Hi my lovers and friends!

These pictures were taken a little while back and I was not sure if I wanted to post them or not.  Then I decided that I wanted to share the outfit with you all!!

It is a very casual Spring outfit which is perfect for a cold way on the west coast or a regular spring day on the east coast.  In my head, March is already summer!  Although there was snow, it was not very cold outside.  That is why I do not have a jacket on.

My scarf was a little uneven, my friend taking the pictures did not point it out and I did not notice it!

I put my leg warmers over my combat boots to make the outfit look balanced.  Otherwise, the leg warmers were too long.  It also gave the combat boots some life!

 I was just having fun with the snow, throwing it around!  My hands were freezing after the first picture, which is why the second picture looks as it does.

This was a FAILED attempt at a jump!  I thought it showed my outfit very well though!

Thanks for reading!

I hope you have an AMAZING day, evening, night (whenever you are read this!!)

Jean jacket - H & M
Scarf- Costa Blanca
Floral Tights - Wal Mart
Leg Warmers - Ardene
Combat Boots - Aldo
Watch - Juicy Couture
Bow Necklace - Forever21 (I think!!)
Beanie - H & M

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