Thursday, November 21, 2013


I recently became one of the newest members of Fashion Magazine’s Beauty Panel and I am very excited!

This week, we wanted to talk about blushes!

In the Fall and Winter, I tend to avoid bronzers.  Since we naturally blush in the winter, it is the way to go – not to mention that bronzers are not in this season!!

TIPS for picking your blush:

Wear whatever colour you want!  Work it!  It is all about being confident!

For a NEUTRAL blush, use the tips below or just try to get a your cheeks but better colour.

Light Skin – Light pinks (just pink in general!), reds, apricots

Medium Skin – Most colours tend to work in this skin tone!

Dark Skin – Stay away from very light colours as they will make you look ashy.  The point is to use colours that are going to make you look brighter or blushed.

These are my general tips for blush, however, you should definitely wear what you like!  It is easier to use a more pigmented blush and have a lighter hand than using a blush that is lighter than your skin tone as that will look fake.

This fall, darker blushes are in!  Darker and deeper pinks and berries are the way to go, and I definitely love my deeper blush tones.  I contour with my blush as well.  At times, I worry that my blush may be too pigmented.  When this happens, I use a lighter blush near the top of where my blush is placed in order to make the darker blush look like a contour.  I show this in my YouTube video!

My YouTube video will show my blush recommendations as well as a tutorial on how I apply each blush.

Although dark and deep pinks are my favorite blushes this season, some deep apricots may work as well since dark apricots embody the warm colours in winter and fall fashion.

Here is a picture of my blush recommendations:

(top left to right)
NARS – Liberite
MAC – Desert Rose
Lancome – Aplum

(bottom left to right)
Maybelline – Light Pink
Annabelle – 18

I hope this helps you all pick the right blushes for the Fall and Winter! 



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